Workshop for schools

Workshop for schools

Teaching is a very vibrant field with continuous innovations in pedagogy, curriculum and technology. Teacher quality being the strongest- school related factor, it is vital for all the veteran educators to have continuous and sustainable opportunities to enhance their skills and competencies. In almost every school, teachers are asked to teach in multicultural classrooms along with emphasis on integrating latest technologies and inculcating 21st century learning skills amongst the students. Having recognized the crutial elements of teacher improvement, CRETT is offering intriguing, innovative and diverse selection of professional development workshops.

These programmes will enable the teachers

  • To understand the importance of professional commitment and skill acquisitions including emotional intelligence, creativity development, stress management, motivational skills.

  • To work on their individual skills, build confidence and undergo a continuous professional development.

  • To apply internationally accepted best practices in the teaching-learning process.

  • To bring the positive and effective changes in the school systems like collaborative planning, sharing best practices, mentoring the co-educators etc.

  • To exchange informations with the other educational expertise.

  • To become a 21st century facilitator and academic leader.

Potential topics for the workshops are the following


Leadership training, Vision & Mission ,Principle of delegation

1 Day


Influencing teacher

2 Days


Time & Stress management

1 Day


Team Building

1 Day


Motivating Students- An integral aspect

1 Day


Developmental psychology & Student Management Skills

1 Day


Communication Skills

3 Days


21st Century Teaching skills

1 Day


Transaction Analysis

1 Day


Creativity In Teaching

2 Days


Lesson Planning & Scheduling

1 Day



1 Day


Teaching & Learning process

2 Days


Board requirements & Protocols

1 Day


Activity Based Pedagogy

2 Days


Concentration & its effectiveness in student output

1 Day


Classroom assessments & Assessment Practices

2 Days


Inclusive Education

1 Day


Classroom arrangement & Differentiated Classroom

1 Day


Student and teacher directed activities & Imparting study skills

1 Day


Event management

1 Day


Transformational Teaching

1 Day


Teaching with technology

2 Days


Language & Communication

6 Days


School Administrative staff training

1 Day


Nannies and support staff training

1 Day


Training for the drivers and the security officers

1 Day

  • Leadership training, Vision & Mission ,Principle of delegationOpen or Close

    This workshop focuses on Developing leadership skills, Expectations from a good leader, Leading & empowering a team, Personalized mentoring, Aligning to the Vision & Mission of the organization, Principle of Delegation and Visualization of bigger picture.

  • Influencing teacherOpen or Close

    This workshop is all about facing the challenges and developing a “do extra mindset” to one’s own institution.

  • Time & Stress management Open or Close

    The programme will equip the teachers with tools and aids to self manage the time at hand, also to prioritize and plan a work Day.

  • Team Building Open or Close

    Importance of working as a team, difference between a team and a group & activity based analysis.

  • Motivating Students- An integral aspectOpen or Close

    The programme will enable the teachers to stay self- motivated and also to motivate learners by being curious, excited and controlled in the classroom environment.

  • Developmental psychology & Student Management SkillsOpen or Close

    The programme focuses on the basic developmental theories; from childhood to adulthood; theories of learning that connect with pedagogy. Role of a teacher mapped to the value system of the Indian tradition, engaging students effectively and setting up classroom culture.

  • Communication SkillsOpen or Close

    The programme is all about generating awareness on the importance of communication through verbal & non-verbal mode and its impact amongst mentors and their students.

  • 21st Century Teaching skillsOpen or Close

    This programme mainly focuses on inculcating 21st century teaching & learning skills in educators- a gradual shift in the role of a teacher as a mentor, facilitator or a guide.

  • Transaction AnalysisOpen or Close

    This module basically puts a light on; the different aspects of transaction analysis, its importance and its applications.

  • Creativity In Teaching Open or Close

    The programme will enable the teachers to; open to new ideas and think out of the box, making things fun for students and creating an inspiring and positively stimulating environment in the classroom.

  • Lesson Planning & Scheduling Open or Close

    The programme will equip the teachers with a proper understanding of Components of a lesson plan, learning objectives/outcomes, SMART plans, learner group analysis, assessing suitability of resources prior to planning, including formative assessment tasks in plan, additional strategies for inclusion. The module also covers, Factors that impact scheduling, collaborating with peers and superiors, formulating schedules for specific periods of time, academic schedules and event calendars.

  • Professionalism Open or Close

    This module covers Grooming and Etiquette for the teachers, professional dress code, appropriate dressing for the occasion, right posture, gestures and appropriate handling of one's physicality.

  • Teaching & Learning process Open or Close

    The programme is mainly on the importance of self-learning and how teachers can contribute in generating the idea of self-learning amongst students, an in-sight on how teacher teach and how the students learn.

  • Board requirements & Protocols Open or Close

    This workshop will give an in depth knowledge of different Boards of education – state, national(CBSE, ICSE) and international(IB, CIE & Edexcel), recognition and affiliation, minimal requirements of various boards where assessment is concerned, role of assessment in learning cycle, assessment protocols, self and peer assessment .

  • Activity Based Pedagogy Open or Close

    The programme is about engaging the students through rigorous activities (Activity based teaching & learning) and making the learning process more exiting and fun oriented.

  • Concentration & its effectiveness in student output Open or Close

    This programme is mainly for the higher grade teachers’ inorder to giude the student on how to increase their concentration and the performance level.

  • Classroom assessments & Assessment Practices Open or Close

    The topics are designed to equip teacher with the need of alignment of assessment tasks with learning objectives, understanding cognitive levels, assessment verbs on Bloom’s Taxonomy, planning classroom assessment. Assessment practices includes Connecting theory and practice of assessment , recording evidences, the importance of rubrics and grade descriptors and preparing students for examinations.

  • Inclusive EducationOpen or Close

    The programme focuses mainly on; Reasons for addressing special learning needs, the misconceptions and unnecessary labelling of students. The sessions will provide a deeper understanding of the kinds of issues that are commonly found and how to tackle the situations. The session will equip the teachers with the tools like using a checklist to aid an unbiased observation, ability to practice an evidence-based approach, observing students in an inclusive learning space and preparing a report that offers suggestions for further intervention.

  • Classroom arrangement & Differentiated ClassroomOpen or Close

    This module is about making SMART choices based on the learner group size and dynamics which facilitates participatory and active learning. The learning environment should be both teacher-friendly as well as student-oriented. The programme focuses on effective seating plans for reaching out to all the students in the classroom. The second session is mainly about Understanding differentiation and recognizing student needs, learning styles, factoring in multiple intelligences, identifying strategies that work , planning for differentiated assessments and outcome.

  • Student and teacher directed activities & Imparting study skills Open or Close

    The programme gives a better understanding of: Teacher vs student directed learning environments, factors that impact planning of both situations; providing an equal opportunity in the classroom. The later session is about board requirements that impact student directed learning, effective study habits – Self-directed and group learning strategies.

  • Event management Open or Close

    Teachers play a vital role in smooth and successful conduct of the events in school. This one Day workshop focuses on ; Definition of Event- Who(Work with, Audience) What(Scale, Nature)- Where- When- Why(Value Addition, Expected Result),Micro Planning, Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, Scheduling , Setting a Time Line, Budgeting, Team Formation and Role Allocation, Event Execution, Media Management, Risk Management followed by Reflection and Documentation.

  • Teaching with technology Open or Close

    Teachers will be updated with the latest tools and technologies in ICT that can be integrated into their teaching methodology. They will be able to acquire, organize and create their own digital resources.

  • Transformational TeachingOpen or Close

    Teachers will be empowered to consider themselves as ‘Leaders’ in an inspirational role rather than as ‘Subject Teachers’ in an authority centric managerial role, and thus engage in the holistic development of students with greater enthusiasm.

  • Language & Communication Open or Close

    Communication is one of the most vital skills that is required for a teacher to be more effective in a classroom environment. This comprehensive L& C module will enable the teachers to raise English proficiency level.

  • School Administrative staff trainingOpen or Close

    A professionally trained administrative staff plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of an institution. An administrative team should be well organized, self motivated and efficient, in meeting and exceeding the institutional goals. This one Day workshop will enable the admin staff to organize themselves, co-ordinate with their colleagues and work efficiently as a team. The workshop also deals with basic etiquette, managing the behaviour of the staff team, effective communication with all the stakeholders especially with the parents and others through calls, emails etc.

  • Nannies and the support staff trainingOpen or Close

    Nannies being the integral part of the school should be highly professional in their words and deeds as they constantly interact with students and their parents. This one Day workshop mainly deals with the professional etiquette, body language, effective communication with the students and other stakeholders, monitoring and ensuring health and safety for the children in and around the school & how nannies can contributes to the overall growth of the institution.

  • Training for the drivers and the security officersOpen or Close

    When it comes to school,the drivers and the security officers play a vital role in getting the students to and fro at the school in a safe manner. This workshop is specially designed to train the drivers and the security officers to be more professional; through the trainings on basic etiquette, effective communications with the kids and their parents, on providing a safe space for the children in and out of the school.