Scholarius Educational Services (SES)

Scholarius Educational Services (SES) provides educational consultancy to schools and higher-education institutions; the organization has been a part of various projects in India, providing end-to-end consultancy services in the education sector.

For schools, SES has in its portfolio: international board approvals (Edexcel, UK); curriculum development; Kindergarten programs; staff selection & recruitment; CPD (teacher training); student-mentoring; academic restructuring and validation/verification services (as part of a comprehensive School Improvement Program).

For higher education institutions, SES provides customized programs for both staff as well as students. Specialized programs are offered for Faculty Development, which include Teaching Techniques and Communication. Multilevel English language learning and skills development packages are offered for students. Training and auditing services are offered to corporates in Leadership and Strategic Management, leading to international certification.

For corporates and NGOs, SES offers client-specific content development which includes reporting, proposalwriting and documentation.

The Team

The Scholarius Educational Services Team is led by Ms. Viola R Krishnamani, an academician, teacher-trainer and educational consultant. Viola is closely associated with Pearson Edexcel, UK and Cambridge International Examinations, UK – the two recognized boards of education offering IGCSE and A levels in India. She has worked with educational institutions that offer globally-recognized school and vocational qualifications.

The core academic team has experts in the fields of Language, ECE (Early Childhood Education), Mathematics, Science, Business, Life Skills, Skills Development, Higher Education and ICT. The design and admin team consists of professionals in the fields of instructional design, business development and operations.